Papiamentu English Dictionary


Almost 20,000 Papiamentu words

The most comprehensive Papiamentu-English Dictionary available. 

For English speakers
The dictionary includes a guide to pronunciation as well as background on ‘What is Papiamentu.’ There is also a section comparing the Papiamentu of Aruba with that of Curacao and Bonaire.

For Papiamentu speakers
As more companies, governmental agencies and organizations deal with the European Union, this dictionary should prove extremely helpful.

The author

Betty Ratzlaff-Henriquez’s commitment to the Papiamentu language began in 1949 when she arrived in Aruba as one of the first youth workers in the organization known as TEAM. She had to learn the language immediately and started collecting and defining Papiamentu words in 1958 while teaching Papiamentu on Aruba. She began work on the First Edition of the dictionary in 1985 when she was working for Trans World Radio and teaching the TWR staff the language. TWR created a foundation and published the dictionary in 1992.

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