Adventure is all around us . . . we just need to be bold, brave, and open to the possibilities!

  • In this pocket-sized book, quotations from writers, thinkers, and adventurers remind us that -- from our backyard to the worlds most exotic places -- there are always people to meet, worlds to explore, and experiences to savor.
  • Includes quotations from Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Isabel Allende, Jack Kerouac, and many more.
    • Vibrant full-color illustrations by Joy Ting throughout.
    • Invitingly priced mini book makes a wonderful little gift.
    • Keep it in your desk, bag, or backpack for inspiration at work or on the go.
    • Comes with a cute 24K gold-plated charm in the shape of a suitcase.
    • Keep the charm on the blue ribbon bookmark or wear it on your own bracelet or necklace.

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