100 Questions About Sharks

Dive in and take a bite out of fin-tastic facts, all centered around the ocean’s most fearsome creature: the shark! Learn all about the great white, the sand tiger, the hammerhead, and many other shark superstars through 100+ kid-friendly questions and colorful illustrations. Which shark is the fastest? How strong is a shark’s bite? Why does a hammerhead shark look like that? Let’s find out! With tons of fun facts, jokes, and illustrations, these kid-friendly books take you through time, space, and more to answer all the questions you’ve ever had on each topic . . . including ones you were afraid to ask! Written and illustrated by Simon Abbott 48 full-color pages 6'' wide x 9'' high (15.24 cm wide x 22.86 cm high) Hardcover Ages 7 and up.

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