Teach yourself how to enjoy more happiness now! In Be Happy, Robert Holden gives you a front row seat to his eight-week happiness course-famously tested by independent scientists for the BBC-TV documentary called How to Be Happy. Step by step, Robert introduces you to a set of scientifically proven principles and exercises that have been hailed as 'a genuine fast-track to happiness.' Written with Robert's trademark insight, compassion, and humour, Be Happy will help you to live a happier lift starting now. Key themes include: Defining True Happiness: give up the pursuit of happiness out there and start following your joy. The Happiness Contract: increase your natural capacity for prosperity and success. The Receiving Meditation: discover how to be so happy you almost feel guilty, but not quite! The Forgiveness Principle: give up all hopes for a better past and commit to living happily even after. The Gift of Happiness: use the power of happiness to enjoy more success in your life, work, and relationships. 'This happiness training not only changes the way you feel; it actually changes the way your brain functions.' - Professor Richard Davidson, University of Wisconsin-Madison; BBC's How to Be Happy TV documentary You can never become happy, but you can always be happy!

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