Self-worth, encouraging, motivating, transparent, transparency; these are words to describe the content within this new book of mine. I felt as though I needed to invoke a change within the general public, through the experiences I have encountered in my life. I've compiled a collection of poems and short stories that deal with situations we struggle with daily. Just to let you know, I didn't point the finger at anyone. I made it my duty to show the general public, the transparency of me. At first, I was tentative with the content I was writing. But the realization of it all, is me accepting who I was and not hiding behind the metaphors of poems. However, in retrospect and in light of it all, I had to accept who I was. That was when I learn how to forgive.

''I want to be remembered as dead poets are forgotten'' -Leon D Labastide

''Don't be a public success, but a private failure. Your level of faith should be greater in private then public. Your success comes through your private endeavors, not your public.'' -Leon D Labastide

''Me being transparent is me being remember forever.'' - Oswin Benjamin-

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