The Highway Nebo's Journey Back To The Promised Land


Nebo was eight years old when he heard the news for the first time - the King of Babylon had given permission for the people of Israel to return to their country! They would finally be free from captivity in Babylon. Nebo’s father, Ah-bee, and the Jewish leaders worked hard to prepare for the difficult journey back. After months of planning, over 50,000 people, their animals and all their possessions set out on foot. They traveled through stormy weather, rough terrains, and dusty plains. They suffered not only from exhaustion, heat, hunger and thirst, but had to protect themselves from thieves who attacked in the night.On that long three-month journey, Nebo fought to protect his family and food, and many times wondered ''Will we ever get to see the Promised Land again?” Read this book and learn all about the book of Ezra and the land God promised his people.

Luisette Kraal

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