Sponsor Effect

One of the most overlooked ways to becoming a better leader and advancing your career is by sponsoring others--by aligning yourself with junior talent who can deliver for you through loyalty and performance while you advocate for their career growth and develop them as leaders. This book demystifies how to build and nurture these two-way relationships, and provides a seven-step playbook for how select the right proteges, invest in the relationship, and make it work so that you--and your proteges and the organization--benefit. Provides practical advice on how to be a sponsor and outlines the specific payoffs that leaders and managers get through this unique relationship. Provides a variety of interesting examples drawn from extensive interviews with both sponsors and proteges, from large companies to sports to politics, that illustrate key concepts and show evidence of how both parties benefit from the relationship. Fills a need for leaders and managers. While much has been written about how to find a mentor or sponsor, little has been written about what to do as the sponsor yourself and how this relationship can help you.Audience: Leaders and managers at all levels who want to grow in their career. Previous buyers of Forget a Mentor, who have successfully navigated securing sponsorship and now want to become sponsors themselves. (Secondary audience) HR professionals starting sponsorship initiatives in their companies, so they have resources to hand off to their leaders and managers.

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