Carolina, born into slavery, is uprooted from the only 'home' she’s ever known and transplanted to a new plantation. She immediately finds herself out of her depth, as she grapples with a new set of conditions and unwritten rules, but also with the demands of her new master. A budding romance with a fellow slave brings some relief, until misfortune strikes again.“A story to make you reflect on your position in life and offer silent gratitude for your blessings!”Carolina is two-time short story award winner Christopher Vierbergen’s first publication for general readership. Vierbergen has been filling stacks of blank paper since the tender age of 3, beginning with scribbles, graduating to words and finally turning out complete stories. Following his second short story competition success in 2013, with an entry titled ‘Carolina’, Vierbergen decided it was time to move to the book-length division, and set about developing the magical story with which he’d won the competition into a novella. Flash-forward 6 years and Carolina is finally yours to read.

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