Choosing a name for your baby has never been easier or more enjoyable than with Baby Names 2017. Whether you are looking for a traditional name or something more adventurous, Baby Names 2017 will help solve your baby-naming dilemmas.Did you know that the name Elizabeth is the most popular name for baby girls in the District of Columbia, but not anywhere else?Discover whether Noah is still the most chosen US boys name after knocking Jacob off the top spot last year.Khaleesi was one of the highest climbers of last year, jumping a whopping 300 places and Daenerys was given to 86 babies in 2015. Will the influence of Game of Thrones continue?With over 8,000 of this year's favourite names, Baby Names 2017 is the most up-to-date baby name book you can buy to help you with the all-important baby name decision."

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