Resilience is not so much about hurricane Irma as it is about the year following Irma. Sint Maarten was destroyed, but the business community showed immense power in fighting back. The backbone of the Sint Maarten economy, tourism, took a significant hit. This book is about the recovery from that hit. Interviews with Norman Wathey, Ton van Kooten, Richard Gibson, Helma Etnel, Arun Jagtiani, Gee Money and many more offer a lesson in inventiveness, creativity and fighting spirit. Barbara van der Woude (1981) is a writer and a Dutch teacher. She grew up in Amsterdam, where she worked as a copywriter and later as a teacher for high schools and colleges. She was introduced to the Caribbean in 2013, when she moved to Curaçao to teach Dutch and English. In 2018, just months after hurricane Irma, she moved to Sint Maarten.

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