"When I say so, you must crawl under the alley door and run away as fast as you can. And then you must hide so they can't find you. Do you understand? You must save yourself." "But, mama...," Janina started. "No, Janina, do as I say, promise me to run." Here stood Janina, her beautiful, youngest daughter with her dark curls, her round and roguish face. From the bottom of her heart she hoped that Janina would survive and would have a future. Just then there was some disturbance close to them. Two Germans with dogs walked directly toward her. Her breath stopped short. As loudly as she could she shouted, "Run, Janina, run!" This is the true story about Janina Katz. She grew up in the 1930's in the Jewish town of Chorostków, Poland. Her happy childhood days were overshadowed by growing threats from Russia and Germany. And then the war began. Since 1948 Janina has lived on the Caribbean island of Curaçao.

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