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50 Fundamental Principles for Entreprenerds: Fundamental principles for success in entrepreneurship explained in a way that makes sense (Spiritual Entrepreneurship) 

This book is a special gift to every aspiring entrepreneur with big dreams!

It contains the 50 most important principles about entrepreneurship that I wish I knew when I was younger. The fundamental principles explained in this book will put the focus back on what really matters in entrepreneurship. If you embrace these principles, they will guide you in the right direction, align you with your purpose and reward you. When you use them as the foundation of your business, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

About the author:

Lysandro is an experienced entrepreneur, business adviser, guest lecturer and coach with strong sense for turning problems into opportunities. He understands the power of creativity and helps businesses take advantage of this disruptive force. He is also the founder of the platform Spiritual Entrepreneurship through which he advocates the importance of cultivating the intangible elements such as faith, courage and character in entrepreneurship. He passionate with sharing his knowledge and has published three books about entrepreneurship. 

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