Outstanding book about Christian religious cults, abuse, and redemption. In 2008, this bestselling autobiography was published in Denmark, and is now available in English with added updates! Imagine waking up 28 years old, realizing that your whole life has been one big lie. Your family is not who you think they are. Your marriage is not your own choosing. Your life is in the hands of people who abuse and exploit you. The person you think you are, is actually a shaped and formed product of indoctrination from your childhood. Your identity, your thoughts, your opinions, your beliefs – your entire world has been distorted. This is how Sophia Christiaan finally woke up to the reality one day in August of 2005. She had one week to prepare herself to lose everything she owned; her career, her family, her marriage, and even her own daughter. With a conditioned mind and carrying baggage from a childhood as the disowned daughter of the country’s most well-known religious cult leader, she began a journey toward true freedom. An almost impossible battle of life and death, in the hunt for her true self. Sophia Christiaan’s true story is an outrageous narrative about religious fanaticism, brainwash, disturbing exposures, divorce, love and intrigues, and a controversial battle between good and evil forces in her personal showdown with the perpetrator in her life, her own mother, Ruth Evensen, leader of the charismatic church, The Father’s House (Danish, Faderhuset), who triggered one of the country’s biggest scandals through the purchase of the most disputed building in Denmark, the infamous “Youth House” on Jagtvej 69 in Copenhagen.It is a book about evil without limits. Evil with one single purpose – achieving total power!



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