Seventy Summers, The Story of An Extraordinary Friendship - Book One: Confidence

Sometimes you need a little help learning to believe in yourself. And it can show up in the most unexpected ways.

Robbie Berger has stalled out in his life and career, hoping for a fresh gust of wind to take him in a new direction. When he arrives at the home of his latest senior care assignment, Robbie has no idea he s about to meet someone destined to change his world. The new client unfolds a remarkable tale of a corporation run aground, a twelve-year-old boy convinced he ll always be a loser, and a sage owl whose wisdom may shift the future for them all.

This story-within-a-story is about the boundless possibilities that arise when we learn to ask the right questions, set priorities that match our values, and go after the things we we want in life with unstoppable gusto.

About the Author

ANDY STANGENBERG is an internationally known motivational speaker, business/life coach and master storyteller. He has delivered keynote addresses for major corporate and organizational conventions around the world, from Las Vegas and Orlando to London, Shanghai, and Jakarta. His messages about the importance of self-love, accountability, service, and leadership have touched the lives and careers of countless listeners. Seventy Summers/Book One: Confidence is his first book and the initial installment in a three-part series.

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