Sooner Than You Think A Prophetic Guide to the End Times

Your Prophetic Handbook to End-Times Events
"In 2013, I had a dream that rocked my world. If you had asked me if I thought that Jesus was coming back in my lifetime, I would have said yesbut deep in my heart, I would not have been sure. But all that has changed. I was not even thinking about the Lord s return when I had the most vivid dream. God spoke to me three times and said, "I am coming back soon I am coming back soon I am coming back soon What did this mean? It means exactly what He said. "
Sid Roth
Sid Roth, host of "It s Supernatural ," has gathered some of the leading experts and prophetic voices to take you on a powerful journey of upcoming events.
Each author shares a different part of the prophetic puzzle. By the time you finish reading this book, the pieces will come together and create a clear picture of God s unfolding agenda for the end-times.
Discover how this pivotal moment in history is your great opportunity to be on guard against the enemy s deception, experience God s power like never before, and participate in the greatest revival in history "

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