Spiritual Entrepreneurship.


Cast the net on the right side

Two thousand years ago some experienced fishermen stepped into a boat for a catch. They had the right tools, knowledge and expertise to be successful. They spend an entire night at sea, but their net remained empty. Confused discouraged and disappointed they returned to shore. As they neared the shore they were given an instruction by a man in the distance. The instruction was simple yet very profound. The man instructed them to try again, but this time cast the net on the right side. As experienced fishermen, they had all the reasons to question this instruction but with new hope they returned to sea. They casted their net with faith and returned to shore with a catch. The journey to success in entrepreneurship doesn't always advance as planned and failure, deception and doubt are not uncommon. Many books have been written about best practices and strategies to accelerate success in entrepreneurship. Nevertheless, these best practices and strategies cannot prepare you for the ambiguous trials, tribulations and obstacles that will occur. These challenging moments don't require application of such theories but rather the right traits of character along with hope and faith. This book will investigate the spiritual aspects of entrepreneurship and give you a whole new perspective on this topic. I trust that after reading this book you also will cast your net on the right side.

Lysandro Inacio has dedicated the last years of his entrepreneurial career sharing his testimonies about how he evolved from a loyal employee into an entrepreneur driven by faith. He has mentored and coached many aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their purpose in entrepreneurship with faith rather than optimism. His experiences during his entrepreneurial career have shaped his faith and increased his understanding about God's principles for entrepreneurship.

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