Whose Mind Is It Anyway? Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life

A sympathetic illustrated guide to learning to live with your mind - even when it tries to trick you. Most of us spend our lives trailing after our minds, allowing our brains to take us in directions that are safe and secure, controlled and conformed. Your mind doesn't want you to take that new job, sign up for that pottery class, or ask someone out. It wants you to stay unemployed, unfulfilled, and single because it enjoys routine and is resistant to change, no matter how positive the change may be. But more often than not, that's not what you want. Whose Mind Is It Anyway? will help readers learn how to separate what they want from what their brains want and how to do less when their minds are trying to trick them into doing more. In a colourful, funny, and nonthreatening way, it answers the difficult question of how to take control of our self-defeating behaviours. Filled with charming illustrations, this book will be the friendly voice in your head to counter your negative thoughts, and it will teach you how to finally be at peace with all that you are.

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