Free reservations

Free reservation of magazines in all languages. Just sign up at the cash register or service desk and rest assured that your favorite read awaits you every week or month.

Sale of various telephone top-up cards

We sell Chippie, Digicel, and Hello top-up cards for pre-paid phones. We also offer iTunes cards in denominations of $10 (fls 22,-), $15 (fls 33,-), $25 (fls 55,-), and $50 (fls 105,-). For services we accept only debit cards and cash.

Sale of postage stamps

For all of the beautiful greeting cards we sell you can buy the accompanying stamp(s) and… drop the stamped envelope in the mail box just outside the building. Mail collection is daily at 10am.

Copy service

For only 30 cents per page (A4 size) we can make black and white copies of your important documents. Double sided copies cost 50cents. Color copies now available A4 one sided Nafl. 2.10 and double sided Nafl. 4.00

All of these services and phone card sales are available at the window upstairs next to the book ordering section.

Wish box

Does your child have an upcoming birthday? Why not let your child choose all the toys and/or books that he/she would like to receive and we will place them in a special wish box. We mark the box with the name of your child along with the date of the party. On the invitation just mention that your child has a wishbox at Mensing's. Playmates then only have to sort through the box to choose the appropriate gift for your child.