Back to School 2021... The power of new Beginnings!

Back to School 2021... The power of new Beginnings!

Life-changing inventions began with an idea! The words “I have a dream …” inspire the beginning of a new phase in history, by seeing the possibilities of change. A new, better, happier, more fulfilling life begins with an appreciation for the power of new beginnings!

New beginnings give us the power of a fresh start! This allows to pause, reflect and think about what really matter to us, leaving behind our failures and looking for opportunities to capitalize on, making us more optimistic about the future.

The beginning of this back-to-school year occurs while confronted with of the Covid-19 Delta variant. This will likely mean continued adaptations for parents, children, and schools. However, regardless of whether learning will take place in-person or remotely, this is a time when parents and teachers focus on what is important for children and how to best support their positive development.

Here are 3 tips to support and motivate your children’s new beginning

Connect and have fun with your child daily

As a parent, the most valuable gift you can give your child is an open line of communication, at least fifteen minutes of undivided attention every day, it doesn’t necessarily mean forcing them to talk about certain things, the key to opening up a dialogue with your kids is simply making yourself available. That means no distractions, no devices, just us and our kids. Life feels very serious right now, so do what you can to have fun and laugh as a family. This will do wonders for all your wellbeing and will bring a sense of normality.

Involve your children in the family’s “Action Plan”

Changes to your child’s regular routine ( school closures, cancelled birthday parties, etc.) could be an opportunity to develop resilience and planning skills! When appropriate, include your child in making “plans” for any changes that arise. For example, with in-person schooling suspended for a period, create a daily schedule with your child that includes grade level, and age-appropriate activities, as well as things your child likes to do, such as reading or art. Providing your child with a routine they can depend on, not only helps them feel at ease but also helps to build their confidence and life skills. By contributing to or creating the routine themselves, they can feel more in control of a situation they have little control over.

Take care of yourself.

You as the Parent set the tone for your family.

Children can sense their parents’ emotional state. It is only natural that parents are feeling overwhelmed, anxious and even angry or sad, but children need their parents to be the captain of the ship, modeling kindness, patience, and understanding, which are really important skills kids can emulate and discover  in themselves that they may not have recognized before.

To be able to fulfill this really important task you as a parent need to take good care of yourself by making time to take brake for you... how about dinner with friends, a wonderful massage or just time alone with a glass of wine and a great book?

So, drop the guilt, begin to take care of yourself and make time to do things YOU love! It will help your children become better humans!

Despite the unknowns, this year will bring new opportunities for parents and kids to learn adaptability, flexibility, patience, and problem-solving together.


Wishing everyone a wonderful new beginning!


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